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Terms and Conditions

To avoid any disruption to scheduled works please adhere to the payment schedule or direction from the Project Manager if a deviation from the payment schedule is required, all materials and works carried out remain the property of R J Byrne Construction until all works are paid for in full. Any works not paid for as directed and in full will void any warranties provided. R J Byrne Construction will endeavor to keep all work areas as tidy as possible, please assist in this regard by providing a clear area to work from the outset, a suitable area to store the materials to be used and apply any necessary protection where required. Protection will be used by ourselves where applicable, it does remain the responsibility of the property owner to to keep floor coverings, walls, furniture etc protected by removal or sheets etc. All furniture should be removed from the affected work area if possible, if not possible please raise the issue prior to works commencement as R J Byrne Construction will not be held responsible for damage to the fabric of the building where works are to be carried out, any items that remain in the surrounding works areas will also be the sole responsibility of the owner. Any works especially structural alterations may result in movement or damage to other walls etc, this may be due to a variety of reasons in relation to the original fabric of the build, any concerns should be raised to the Project Manager before works commencement, we will of course endeavor to keep any such damage to an absolute minimum, the property owner is responsible for the cost of any remedial works to rectify any such issues.